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What We Do


Blue Phoenix Therapeutic Placement Consulting provides consultation and placement services for families with at-risk adolescents and young adults who are struggling in their present academic setting and would benefit from a therapeutic educational environment outside of the public school system. Often times these families have tried all their local options, yet their child continues to struggle, and things have reached a crisis level both at home and at school. There are many reasons a family may find themselves in this situation. This website describes who we are, what we do, and the process by which we will suggest what we believe will be the best possible placement options to help your son or daughter.

Does your child exhibit negative or self-destructive behaviors such as:

     * Substance Abuse and/or Alcoholism
     * Threats of violence
     * School refusal     
     * School failure
     * Running away
     * Internet obsession or addiction
     * Oppositional Defiant Disorder
     * Eating Disorder
     * Suicidal ideation
     * Promiscuity
     * Attachment issues
     * Self-harming behaviors



Does your child need specific support for:

     * A Language-based learning difficulty
     * ADHD/ADD
     * Asperger's Syndrome/Autism Spectrum Disorder
     * A Nonverbal Learning Disability
     * A Visual or Auditory Processing Disorder

Does your child suffer with a mental illness such as:

     * Depression
     * Borderline Personality Disorder
     * Bipolar Disorder
     * Anxiety

Is your child a young adult who is having great difficulty with the transition to living independently due to:

     * Developmental Disabilities
     * Learning Disabilities
     * Substance abuse
     * Academic deficiencies
     * Lack of adequate life skills
     * Poor social skills
     * Lack of motivation

Families in such a situation can feel overwhelmed with the task of finding the best environment to serve their child’s individual needs.  
Selecting a program  that will provide the appropriate clinical approach and academic structure, with a professional and supportive staff, is a critical first step in the journey to to restoring health and happiness to your child and family. Blue Phoenix Thearpeutic Placement Consulting specializes in guiding families through this process.

Please contact us at any time, day or night. We operate anywhere in the United States and there is no fee for an initial consultation.
It would be our privilege to help you.